Faten Amal Harby on domestic violence, Hotel discrimination and Women hosting centers

It is undisputed that making an artistic work about any serious problem is one of the best ways to share awareness about it as it can go viral easily. There is a new Ramadan series “Faten Amal Harby” is putting emphasis on domestic violence and emotional abuse by showing how Sherif Salama threatened His wife Faten when she refused to do one of his orders to wear a hijab, and he did not just threaten her he also cut off part of her hair to impose her to obey his orders. . What was harder for her to cope with is that when she tried To get out of this toxic relationship by getting a divorce he threw her and his daughters in the street homeless to force her to return to him and when she tried to find a hotel with a reasonable price the hotel refused to let her take a room with her daughters because she is a woman under 40 and without a man and this has been justified by the hotel as “protecting”

Hotel discrimination:

The hurtful truth is that those scenes that all of us want to avert our eyes from are just a minor version of what happens in real life and a lot of women sharing their experiences in such hotels is further proof that not only is it happening but its also very common:

Women hosting centers

On the brighter side, the show has shed light on women hosting centers which a lot of people especially women weren’t aware that they were available in Egypt & here’s everything you need to know:

What are the hosting and guidance centers for women?

It is one of the services available to the Ministry of Social Solidarity and partner NGOs for about 15 years, They provide “temporary hosting” with a maximum of 6 months until cases are filed and judgments are made. which provides money and psychological support for battered women, or counseling for girls and women exposed to violence. The centers aim to enhance the cohesion of the Egyptian family, consolidate a positive view of women and girls, protect them from all practices of violence and discrimination, and help them reintegrate into the family and society.

What are the services they offer?

Spreading societal awareness to combat all forms of violence and discrimination against women

– Obtaining family counseling, whether through personal or group meetings or phone calls

– Hosting ladies’ children [males up to 10 years old]

– Providing support not only to women but also to men with family problems

– Providing training and rehabilitation and providing job opportunities

-Holding family counseling sessions and family reconciliation sessions

-Hosting women who are subjected to any kind of violence

-Providing psychological, legal and health services when necessary

Conditions for obtaining the service

• An Egyptian or a foreigner married to an Egyptian

• Not less than 18 years old

• The woman was subjected to violence

• Pay the fees in case of income and the absence of a permanent residence

• Meet the conditions of health fitness

Co-written by: Shapinam Abdelfattah & Maryiam Mohanad

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