People don’t normally go to siwa  as it’s pretty far but they wanted to show how magnificent this place really is  with a twist of the activities they did there which changed the whole vibe,

In the heart of Egypt’s western desert lies a magnificent place rich with breathtaking sceneries, nature and a ton of hidden gems, SIWA the destination of @stamps.egy in their most recent trip.

Stamps is a travel agency founded by Passant and Ahmed about a year ago, the idea behind it is that they wanted to allow people to feel the same freedom and flexibility they felt while travelling without spending so much money, what makes them stand out is their customer experience as they are always making sure the customer is experiencing spontaneous things they wouldn’t do on their own. 

like going to the surreal salt lakes which are filled with healing properties for the whole body, safaris/sleepovers in the desert, sand boarding, 4×4 cars, hot springs which are basically natural Jacuzzis etc.. this was a team trip that had Ahmed and Passant (the co-founders) Nour (marketing scene) Layla (an ambassador) & Ghobary (operations manager) alongside a couple of friends: Mayan el sayed, Hussam, Jana mekawy, Ahmed Salah, and Daniel BUT you can join them on their next trip on the 31st of July, with all the same activities! all you will have to do is DM @stampsegy or check the details on their website! 

* This ain’t an AD or anything, we are just in love with the company and its role in encouraging Egyptian tourism. 

Written by: Maya Darwish

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