Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Layla (16 years old) and I’m the founder of Youthiety. I want to major in political science and I really like debates and vinegar shots

where did the idea of youthofcairo/youthiety come from? and why did you decide to make it come to life?

honestly pretty randomly, one of my biggest dreams was to start a magazine but I was like aagelha lehad ma akbar w keda bas I decided to just go for it one day especially bc I was so inspired by the young ppl around me doing so many incredible things

other than being the founder/CEO what are your roles in youthiety?

I work f everything: The marketing, the pr the management kol haga

Did you think your account would get that big?

Not really bas I’m very happy it did!

How did your family and friends react to your decision to start blogging a blog?

My friends were pretty supportive and my family didn’t mind they just thought i’d lose interest in everything else so they were kinda worried

how do you manage your time between living a normal teen’s life and managing a successful blog?

I really don’t. You’d think I get better but no sometimes it just all gets overwhelming and I take long breaks (like the one I’m taking now) but I’m a teenager so I don’t really beat myself up

What can you tell other teenagers who want to start their own blog?

Just go for it. You don’t have to perfect it. You don’t have to know everything: you’re young, you’re learning

how do you choose your writers? and is there any place to apply

I ask for writing samples and see if they align with the overall vibe of what we’re doing, yea sure send us a sample at

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