– Firstly its very fun to make and edit. Although editing takes a lot of time and can get very frustrating I find it amusing to try and make that footage attractive and entertaining. It’s a challenge. Furthermore I have learnt that documenting is very fun for the creator as well as the viewer. The creator is doing “their life’s work” and they are capturing moments and memories that otherwise would shift and move into the back of their heads and get processed and chewed. For example, do you remember exactly what you did on your last trip ? The little moments? What the sky was like or the faces of the people on the streets? Well, it’s our planet, every corner of it. Shared. With the world itself. The world, the viewer, is transported to parts undiscovered. Using the most modern technology flying on the wings of their wireless wifi to see through the eyes of any person they wish. As if they were here. These persons they choose time and time again become their friends, they turn to them when they want to chill or see something different. To have a laugh or to try something new. I become your friend. And in return, you become my friend. I share with you some very precious and dear moments, we talk to one another and we communicate in forms unmatched.

– But don’t get intimidated by Youtube. Using it is like using any another social media like Instagram, TikTok or Twitter. The unspoken goal in all of these is to get as much exposure as possible on the what you put out. I just try and bear in mind that I want to put specific things onto the internet. Ask yourself: What do I want exposure on? Do I want to expose myself ? Do I want to expose my art, my creations? Do I want to expose my business, my company? Do I want to expose a service I offer? And mind you- funny videos and weird challenges fall under service- the service of entertainment. So what do you want to expose?

– I want certain things I care about- wether that be lessons worth sharing or travel experience or what have you to reach as many people as possible. I want my blog exposed. But I want the content and the things I write about to reach you on a human friendly level. Like the experience and the journey to be walked by you as well as I. Why not ? We’ll all have grown a little more and gotten a little wiser together. In company.

– Moreover I believe that the exposure I get now may be useful to me in the future. Maybe I can get the opportunity to share some humble knowledge on bigger platforms or get the chance to talk about things that interest me to people equally excited about these topics. And I want to meet people from different places with the most diverse backgrounds. And the exposure I get can help me reach these goals. What I am saying is think about your individual future. Think about the goals you want to achieve and the things you want to do. What can you do to achieve them ? Start now. That’s what I’m saying.

​- Right now the ultimate goal is to get my blog, my writing, my experience- gathered from my life on earth so far to reach more people. People from all around the world. I would love for people interested in wellbeing, selfcare, lifestyle, thoughts on the world, and how-to do stuff- like how to buy and consume in a way that is better for themselves, the environment and the world, or how to think in a way that is more friendly to oneself and their world for example to read my posts, which I will link individually down below, because I believe that they are valuable. They carry some knowledge, some value, some thing that they can benefit from. You can learn great things from every single person you meet. No exceptions. So go ahead, have a stroll through my garden of words and dive into topics that arouse your interest- like an exotic flower or a scented one that pulls you by a force. Read something, learn something new. Let innocent titles unleash bombs and fireworks in your head. Link down below. Have fun, enjoy- xx Joude.

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