Hey there , thank you for reaching out to me . It means tons. First things first, my name is Fatma, but my alias is Patchi. I am an 18-year-old Omani digital artist and a Spark AR Creator. I went to school in Europe, so I lived most of my life there. As we all know the pandemic has forced us all to slow down and reflect, so I decided to take advantage of the time I had and chose to be creative. Eventually, I created an Instagram account where I post my artwork, photography and designs. I get inspired by moments of my life and scenes that I witness, so as of late I have been taking more and more road trips. Indeed my main source of inspiration comes from nature, music and outer space. In addition, I recently developed a passion for augmented reality effects, meaning I create Instagram filters. But my whole journey started when I got a passion into creating digital art at the age of 13, by creating fan art for different influencers. I started getting recognized by my favorite influencers which pushed me to continue creating more digital art. I recently discovered Spark AR, which gives me the ability to design almost anything I desire. I love seeing users interact with my filters which drives me to continue creating more. A lot of people I know only post the best pictures of themselves on Instagram. Although, I think beauty filters have a way to ease that pressure.

​Oh about my logo . Actually I got inspired when I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw that Puma Middle East was accepting young creatives to submit their ideas of what they can contribute to Puma. Furthermore, I decided to give it a shot which led me to design Puma’s logo. Fortunately, I got chosen. I was happy to hear that they loved my work and used the logo I created as their Instagram profile picture. In the meanwhile, I am a recent high school graduate going to university in the fall. I am looking forward to immersing myself into new media concepts in my studies and to gain a high technical capability as well as a deeper understanding of the industry. I recently started to sell my own products with my artwork, such as phone cases, posters and clothing. I hope that in the future, I can design my own clothing line and become international. ​One of my main goals and hopes is that my work inspires my followers and certain individuals that have a big passion for the arts. I would also want to educate users on certain issues that are currently happening in the world through my illustration such as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Re-Written by: Fairouz el Barakawy

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