Russia-Ukraine war : Explained

In the past few days , Ukraine – Russia conflict has become a quite contentious topic and prevalent on all social media platforms due to the actual steps taken by Russia to entirely invade Ukraine ;however, this crisis dates back to 2014 and this is your guide to have a deeper insight into the main reasons behind this crisis and the latest updates from Ukraine!

1- First of all ,Russia and Ukraine were members of the soviet union which had various problems with NATO ( an organisation embroiling United states and other Western European nations)

2- Then in 1991 the countries involved in the soviet union got disintegrated, and Russia and Ukraine became considered as 2 separate countries ; however, Ukraine is located just between Russia and western Europe which means that there is a great risk for Russia to be attacked by the countries included in NATO through Ukraine and this will have explicit adverse impacts not only on various aspects in Russia.

3- Consequently , Russia started taking actual steps towards having Ukraine under its control once again because Russia always considered Ukraine to be a part of its history as well as to mitigate the risk of being attacked by the Western European nations and to prevent NATO from further expanding and including Ukraine , and this started in 2014 by taking control of the military basis in Crimea which is internationally considered as a part of Ukraine , then in 2021 Russia tried to reach an agreement with US to have an official document written from US officials stating that NATO will never try to attack or invade Ukraine which was not accepted by US , and this conduced to loss of trust between Russia and Western Europe nations and US

4- Finally , in the past few days Russia started to take explicit steps to completely have Ukraine under its control and today ,24 February 2022, Russia officially started taking control of Ukraine by positioning 200000 Russian troops and thousands of military vehicles on Ukraine’s borders to be able to have full control over Ukraine. 

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