How Journalists Use Racism Toward The Middle East In Their Ukraine Coverage

Cartoon : Carlos Latuff

On the 24th of February, Russia has begun attacking various locations in Ukraine after a crucial conflict that started in 2014 until it was able to move its troops to the capital Kyiv a few days ago. With so much to cover, journalists all around the world have been attempting to provide comprehensive coverage of the situation on the Ukrainian territory. However, several countries and platforms such as CBS News,BFM TV (France), and ITV (UK) while discussing the evacuation and fleeing of the Ukrainian citizens have referred to the war in the middle east arguing that no comparison should be made due to the massive difference of Europeans and Middle Easterns. Uncivilized they called the Iraqi and Afghanistan citizens.
While defending why countries refused to accept their refugees years ago, they mention and emphasize how Ukrainian look like them. Blue eyes and blonde hair a European writer wrote. Does it remind you of anything? White supremacy I would say

“They seem so like us. This is what makes it so shocking. War is no longer something visited upon Impoverished and remote populations” says Daniel Hannan in his new article on the telegraph.
We’re not talking here about Syrians fleeing the bombing of the Syrian regime backed by Putin; we’re talking about Europeans leaving in cars that look like ours to save their lives,” Philippe Corbé of the France-based 24-hour news channel BFM TV said.

Individuals and nations are both influenced by the media. It has long been argued that it provides a safe space for journalists and politicians to discuss their difficulties and challenges. However, when it comes to the Middle East, it has consistently turned its back on us. Airstrikes in Gaza are unnoticed; football players are warned for showing solidarity with the Palestinian conflict. Refugees are not welcomed (uncivilized). Protests against corrupt governments controlled by the Us or European countries are regarded as assaults and are met with death or violence

For years our countries in the middle east have suffered, war, famine, and catastrophes. With no media coverage and double standard journalists. Western media was able to convince and normalize the war in the name of counterterrorism and Disseminate freedom and democracy quests. After years of implying war and seizing control of all available resources, the United States, along with other countries that invade, plunge countries into poverty, and drop bombs without being held accountable internationally, is attacking innocent civilians, providing weapons to demolish towns, and using the media to fabricate their actions

Journalists should avoid making racial comparisons between countries. Your reports and publications should not include references to the Middle East. We stand with the people of Ukraine not because of their skin color or nationality but because people deserve to live freely without worrying about here to move next or if they are going to make it to the next day. Every human deserves to live. Solidarity with the occupied with the people who are oppressed and discriminated.

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