Our Top 5 TV Show Picks This Ramadan

With Ramadan coming to an end, all the shows we’ve watched all month are also wrapping up. Cliffhangers and plot twists are bound to happen, so keep your eyes peeled! We’ve seen a lot of hits this year, and hopefully some of them will come back for a season two next Ramadan! With that being said, here’s our top five favorite shows that made an appearance this Ramadan (in no particular order).

Raga’een Ya Hawa

Khaled ElNabawy plays Baleegh Abo El Hana, a man who lives abroad but due to being threatened into paying back his debt, flees back to Egypt. He’s met with the families of his two murdered brothers, who hate each other to a great extent (yet live in the same house). Also – he never got his share of money following the death of his father. We follow Baleegh in his journey of finding his brothers’ murderers, repairing both families’ bonds, and trying to get his rightful share of his dad’s will. If you’re looking for a good drama, look no further!

Ahlam Saaeeda

Starring Youssra as the main character, she plays a wealthy woman who unfortunately gets hit by a car in the first episode and goes blind. We follow her in her journey to figure out who hit her, only to be met with a serious plot twist. But you’ll just have to watch to find out!

El Kebeer Awy

Coming back from a seven year hiatus, El Kbeer Awy made its comeback this Ramadan on the tv screens and in our hearts! Still starring the original characters and a few new ones, this season is nothing like before. Definitely our comfort show this Ramadan.

Meen 2al

A shorter series released this Ramadan, Meen 2al only had 15 episodes despite the traditional 30. Starring Ahmed Dash, he tells his story about how he didn’t want to become an engineer despite his dad forcing him too, and how he started his career by making paper benches! You don’t see many biography type tv shows out there, so I think the concept was fresh and interesting. We hope to see more similar shows soon!

Faten Amal Harby

Faten, who is played by the wonderful Nelly Karim, is a victim of domestic abuse. Refusing to help around the house, bringing her down, not allowing her to go out, refusing to help with expenses – all of these are things she’s dealt with in her marriage. After finally getting a divorce, she deals with the hardships of raising two young girls on her own. Being a single mother is tough enough on its own, and dealing with your ex-husband and legal issues only makes it harder. This show sheds light on the struggles of single mothers, divorcees, corrupted laws and lack of justice in the system. Faten Amal Harby is a series we’ll definitely be rewatching.

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