Osama El Hady talks to us on Singing, upcoming music and his role in l3bt newton

Who’s your inspiration in both acting and singing?
Concerning inspiration, with each age phase, it changes; however my all-time acting inspiration is Will Smith. I love Will Smith so much and the roles he plays affects something in me. as in singing, things are different i love John Maher and Ed Sheeran.

Who do you want to do collaborate with?
Regarding collaborations, in the singing world, there are many names yet on the top of them is definitely Essiely and Marwan Pablo. I Love them so much. And I feel there might be a mix that’ll turn out good. In acting, I had the luck to achieve something I wished for and that was to work with Mohamed Mamdouh -Tayson- & I would definitely love to work with Assir yassin.

How did you get into acting?
It wall started when I joined an acting workshop so i could be more presentable in my major videos. Then I was lucky enough to finish the workshop and learn for some time and made a small role in the series “God Father” and from here the story started.

Why exactly did you choose to audition for the role of Shamba?
Actually I was auditioning for a role in the series generally. There was a casting call and I sent my showreel. Someone called me from the crew. I went, sat, and auditioned. I understood after an audition or two that I was already the candidate for Shamba’s role whose name was not yet Shamba

Will we see you on the screen in other projects soon?
Right now I am trying to make a comeback as a musician and there are multiples of
offers that are displayed to me but I still did not make a decision about them. I am trying to chill,
relax, enjoy and think. Then, decide what will happen, because it’s truly a hard step, after
working with an important crew like the crew of “Newton’s Game”.

Was playing Shamba’s role a challenging performance? If yes, then why was it?
Of course, it was a challenge for me! it may not appear much to a lot of people but Shamba is
different compared to me in a lot of things even in appearance. for example, I was forced to keep my hair to a certain length throughout the series! Some people, of course, knew me and some were like really are you the one who played Shamba? Oh my god! You don’t look alike at all!

How much time did you prepare for this role?
Throughout all the filming time, I was in this process. I took continuous inputs from Mr. Mohsen and I tried to implement them to my character to appear as we say: more of meat and blood.

How did it feel like working alongside such talented actors like Mona Zaki, Tyson, and
Mohamed farag? Was it intimidating or stressful or was it the exact opposite?

The trial with Mona Zaki, Mohamed Mamdouh, and Farag’s presence in work, and Mr. Tamer
Mohsen was something incredibly great. There was no stress at all, they were extremely pure, I
felt very relaxed and that made work more productively. There was this trust that if I did anything bad or not at my usual level, I knew someone was going to guide me, whether it is one of the great actor or from the producers or Tamer Mohsen, the director. That gave me a little bit of peace.

What is your opinion on Shamba as a character?
Shamba! Shamba is beautiful and a helpful lad. And a friend of his friend, a right hand you can
back up and rely on. Like just give him a task and forget about it and don’t worry. I would love to
have a friend like Shamba, to be honest.

Transcription by Nadia ashraf

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