5 90s Movies To Add To Your List! (Chick flick edition)

We all are almost done with exams and we’ll start binge-watching movies and tv shows to waste time. This one is especially for my girls, here are 5 movies you should add to your list (chick flick edition)!

1. Pretty Woman 

The movie starred Julia Roberts and Richard Geene. It’s about a prostitute that gets hired by a man to act as his girlfriend. They walk us through everything the charm in the movie is undeniable!

2. Sleepless In Seattle 

The movie starred Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Their love story starts when Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks)’s son Jonah forces him to call a national radio talk show. The couple fell in love with each other before even meeting. Watch it to know more about this weird but adorable love story.

3. She’s All That.

The movie starred Rachael Leigh Cook and Fredie Prinze Jr. The popular boy bets his friends that he’ll make the nerdy girl prom queen. And I don’t think I have to continue, you guys know the drill. It’s a cliche but I loved it. 

4. Never Been Kissed

The movie starred Drew Barrymoore and Michael Vartan. An editor has to go undercover in a school to write a report about the lives of the students, she faces the memories of her own highschool and goes through some highschool drama herself. 

5. 10 things I hate about you 

This is one of my favourites. It starred Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger. Cameron can’t date Bianca until Kat (Julia Stiles) has a boyfriend and Kat was unsociable, so Cameron paid Patrick (Heath Ledger) to date Kat. And so the love story begins.

Hope this helped give you ideas for what to watch with your favourite meal! 

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