On the move

we each have comfort zones that we evade getting out of, some are delineated in the form of staying in a toxic friendship, others may come in the form of constantly letting your inner voices criticize you, or something as simple as not missing a single episode of the series you’ve been watching for ages you could actually cast a part in. they’re random things we do simply because we’re used on doing and we seem to stick by so much just because we don’t recognize ourselves without them like the breakup you’ve been putting off for months because “the time is never right” or because it’s “hard”, have you ever considered that it’s not about how uncomfortable breakups can get but about you actually being scared of what comes after letting that person go? Like You know you want to end this relationship and that it isn’t working for you whatsoever but for some reason stepping outside of it feels scary that is EXACTLY what comfort zones are! but my comfort zone is somewhat offbeat, I noticed that I fear stability, I seem to always run away from everything, leaving, for me, has always been more comfortable than staying. Because as long as I’m always the one leaving, I’m the one calling the shots, I’m always the one in control. . I’m the one choosing that chaos. If my heart is breaking every single step of the way, then I’m the one cracking it open. And I’m comfortable there .I know how to handle those self-inflicted wounds.What’s scary is being unable to escape the second something goes wrong. staying is what’s out of my comfort zone. staying is what’s profoundly and unequivocally terrifying. Then,Somewhere along the way,I’ve realized that this running away and moving on skill that I’ve mastered made me end friendships that deserved another chance, cut people off saying they were “toxic” and isolate myself. It’s like I had no energy to do anything but completely cut my ties with anyone whom I felt wasn’t worth trying. that’s when I knew I HAD to find the balance between when to abandon it all and start over and when to stay and fight for what i have. So, Never underestimate the power your comfort zone has over you. Try stepping out of it even if it’s scary because not everything you’re comfortable doing is actually the right thing to do!

written by: Shahd elkhouli

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