Modest Summer Outfits: The Perfect Ways to Perfect It Always

Your personal guide to a modest wardrobe, from a fellow modest hijabi.

This is probably going to be a piece that hits the list of my top favourite ones. As a new hijabi, I had to take a whole year to lean into it; at first, I simply had to ditch some of my old -and favourite- outfits. I tried to incorporate layers into my wardrobe and find a balance between modesty and comfort. However, whenever the temperatures rose, my need for fewer layers was heightened. Of course, some recent fashion trends were of so much help, since layers became “in” again, but I had to learn a lot and experiment with my style until I found something somewhat perfect for me. 

Now, whether you’re a hijabi like myself, or someone who prefers to dress modestly, this piece is for you. Here’s everything I wish I knew when it came to building your modest wardrobe: 

First off, there are some staple items that you simply cannot do without: 


Opaque, and light-coloured shirts are your new holy grail. They create the perfect balance between modesty and chic; with a million different styles and patterns to them, you could never buy enough. Personally, I prefer plaids and solids; the former is easily styled and the latter simply opens doors side open for your creativity and taste.

With plaids, you can simply rock a pair of jeans with them, or you could add a T-shirt underneath and have accessories do their magic to bring the whole outfit together. With solid colours, such as white and black and all the shades in between, you could have a simple modest look; you could even pair them with patterned pants and add a pop of colour to your look. 


I don’t care how trendy and popular they become, or if they suddenly become unpopular altogether. They are lifesavers on hot hot days. They give you the opportunity to wear solids underneath them and avoid the process of coming up with a whole outfit. 


They could be your new best friend. They would add so much to your outfit and relieve you from looking for a way to make your outfit pop. With a scarf, you could simply wear solid colours and add your favourite accessories along with your colourful patterned scarf. Also, this is Jessica Toutounji-approved addition to your wardrobe. Your perfect go-to website for scarves/hijabs that make your modest outfit pop would definitely be Your Emma -and this a personal preference of yours truly.


Although I am not personally a fan of these, but they do have a lot to give when it comes to modest outfits; they allow you to wear anything as a top without feeling like you’re ditching your modest approach to the outfit. They even have possibilities to them, if they’re patterned you could add a simple shirt to them and call it a day -and that adds a chic/casual look to it. If they’re solid, you could add solid blouse and a patterned scarf/hijab and that guarantees you look all put together in an effortless fashion. 


Now, I know you do own pants, but how convenient are they, really? Through experience, I’ve learnt that some pants are simply a no-no when it comes to dressing modestly, comfortably and conveniently. The best pair of pants that you could own are cargos; not only do they work with almost all kinds of tops, but they also have the baggy feel to them that ensures you don’t get too hot during summer. They also add this edgy street wear look to the outfit which is perfect for casual nights. Another personal favorite is flared pants as they work wonders when they’re paired with plaid or striped shirts. 

Statement Blouses 

With ruffles, patterns, or knots to tie. Blouses can be tricky when you style them, but with the right mindset you can work wonders with them. For instance, Yasmine Genedy advises that you look for tops that have work on the sleeves, and with the perfect accessories you can turn the whole outfit into a statement look. 

Finally, experiment a lot. I personally love casual outfits and feel more in my skin with some baggy pants and a shirt, but when it comes to building a whole modest wardrobe, you need to try and try a lot. Nevertheless, keep it up; it’s a tough choice to make and sometimes it feels like it’s an impossible on altogether. So lean into it slowly and find your own approach to it. Be unique, and simply yourself. 

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