Can’t Find Barbers Who Won’t Mess Up Your Fade? Here Are The Top 5 Spots On The Leaderboard.

Bekky Barber


Though the name does not sound so Egyptian, Bekky Barber is perhaps the most famous shop amongst all other competitors in the field. Dominating the first place on the leaderboard, Bekky Barber is the biggest chain in the Middle East and North Africa region since it operates in the United Arab Emirates (which is most definitely the perfect place to go in order to indulge yourself in its ‘towering’ joys). Most definitely, a place – which is too prestigious that it can not be compared to anything – like that will genuinely refine your hair and soul!

Mohamed & Ramy Barber Shop

Just like any other elite brand with founder names as a brand name, Mohamed & Ramy Barber shop does not merely aim for completely perfecting your hair but also invigorating your spirits! As the towel dipped in refreshing cold mint is spread on your face, you are automatically taken away into a realm of serenity. While you are far from reality, their cuts and snips do the magic for you to conquer that new look.

Bebars The Barber

A place purely crafted from passion awaits you. Streaming from childhood, Melad Bebars (the founder of this business) does not view his business as a job but rather a hobby. Every strand of hair that is snipped or grown matters to him and thereby the place truly lives up to its recurring motto: it’s more than just a barber – a symbol for elegance and precision. That is perhaps the true reason as to why the business is not a quick 30-minute errand but a time where you connect on a personal level with the most friendly staff. At Bebars The Barber, your hair is not a worry but a work of art!

Hesham Rabea

If you are in Cairo, then you most definitely heard about Hesham Rabea! Not only are they prominent for turning your dream-style into reality, but they are also renowned for the skincare services they offer. After a week or two from styling your new hair or fade, you will absolutely see skin that is clearer than glass! It cannot be denied that they have took the idiom ‘kill two birds with one stone’ to work and now is the time for you to do that too!


From its name, Salony guarantees that the place feels like yours. In simpler terms, Salony finds it a priority that the shop lives to serve your wishes. Unlike other typical spots, Salony renders you with the space and right of freedom to be as judgmental as you want with the product! At Salony’s, nothing is impossible and simply everything is fixable (in the very furthest possibility if anything is messed up).

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