Internalized Misogyny

Over the years so many toxic ideologies have been deemed normal ,because they’ve been in practice by a culture for a lengthy period of time. 

The one in question today being internalized misogyny.

It’s important that we question our own practices and habits to figure out if we may be reenacting a cultural ritual that might actually be posing harm to others.

Internalized misogyny certainly is one that often goes by unnoticed, because of how uneducated people are about it. 

The whole belief system is built on misogyny, which is the hatred men have cultivated over the decades, which has rooted itself so deep in our societies that even some women practice it unknowingly. 

The problem of this mindset is that it’s an ableist mindset to other common toxic cultures, such as rape culture. 

This example in particular is an active culture that’s been presiding in more ways than one over this past year. It’s a given that one wouldn’t necessarily make all of the links right away, but look deep enough and you’ll realize how most of the common unjust practices in modern day life stem from centuries of internalized misogyny.

This mindset has rooted the belief that women are inferior creatures that must be stored away. They’re existence isn’t celebrated, their accomplishments -other than giving birth to hopefully boys- aren’t even acknowledged. For years, women have been underestimated & torn down and have underestimated & tore down one another, they’ve been instigated against each other, to prevent them from becoming one unanimous voice and conquer all of the hurdles that’ve been pre-defined for them at birth. 

A world in which misogyny exists is a world in which unfairness resides and a world in which men will be empowered and pitied for, whereas women will have to find solace in themselves if society hasn’t already ripped them of their own peace and criticized them for every single thing they do.

Misogyny stunts the growth of everyone and limits the concept of freedom to the opposite gender, because if a female cannot have free-will.

Misogyny is intoxicating all that’s left of our clean water…it’s only a matter of time till we become poisoned too. 

So we must come together and think long and hard about what we can do as individual to stunt the growth of this cancerous culture & give voices to the voiceless.

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