In case you missed Shababco, here’s how it went:

Another day, another great event by YouthOut. Their most recent event, ShababCo took place just this week, the 4th and 5th of June.  With vendors such as VVS, Nazek, 8tch, and so many more, we definitely went home broke. It wasn’t just filled with booths and shops, there were also so many installations that left us amazed. Seriously, a big clap to YouthOut – they never fail to amaze. 

Art walls, live drawings, and a polaroid wall, was this an event or a dream come true? Seriously, it was super great to be in such a pleasant environment surrounded with like minded people of our age, which is something that doesn’t happen often in our region. Everyone was so chill and down to earth, it felt like one big get together where everyone could just hang out and get to know one another.

The event was a great way to get out into the world and do something. Show people your art, your talents, inspire the youth. With 50+ local, youth owned brands, it really warmed our hearts to see so many people do so much! The young vendors really inspired us. Artists such as Lilly’s Workshop, Forshet Nazly, and Wear Art left us stunned by their talents. Singers such as Sohaila (intunewithsohaila) and Deka (@callmedekka) also made an appearance on stage, absolutely killing it with their vocals. 

UNN Models founders Iman and Yousra ElDeeb also took the stage, talking about why and how they created their modeling agency, and how they’re trying to show youth that they’re not looking for your average beauty standards. Film Director Ali ElArabi also talked about his journey through film and how he got to where he is today, which was really inspiring to listen to. 

All in all, the event was an absolute success and it could not have gone any better. It’s events like these that bring our generation together , allow us to gain experience and get to know more about each other. YouthOut, you never fail to blow our minds. Thanks for having us! 

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