5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Sorry For

“I’m sorry”, despite of how simple this word might seem, it’s one of the most powerful words that do exist.

Saying sorry reveals a lot on how healthy, stable and peaceful you are, UNLESS you start putting others’ feelings above yours, and just keep apologizing for stuff you have nothing to do with.

That’s why we’ve come with 5 things you shouldn’t feel or say sorry for, please don’t!

1. Your Feelings

This might seem general, but it’s actually so specific. How often do you express your feeling with a close one and then feel sorry for being so dramatic and annoying? If you’re a sensitive person, I bet you’ve done it a lot.

I really get your point, but believe me, people who truly care for you would never get tired, they deserve to know and you deserve to be heard.

2. Saying No

“No Means No”, and it applies to literally all situations, you’re totally free to refuse anything you don’t feel like doing, and you should never feel sorry or shy for it.

Next time you say no to whatever bothers you, you shouldn’t feel anything but confident and proud of yourself for doing so.

3. Being Who You Are

Regardless of how messy, confused and imperfect you might be, you’re still unique and precious just the
way you are.

Try to let go of your fear of not being accepted, liked or respected; believe me, the right person will never judge.

4. Taking Me Time

This point is about priorities, you need to make sure prioritizing yourself isn’t selfish at all.

Don’t be sorry to cancel a plan or not reply to a friend just to watch a movie, have a warm bath, or even do nothing.

Having some time alone is your right, and it’s actually what keeps us going!

5. Your Opinions

In my opinion (that I’ll never be sorry for), there is no right or wrong opinion -as long as nobody’s hurt-.

You should never doubt your thoughts and points of view just for not matching another person’s ones, even if you care for them.

Bottom Line

Too much of the word “sorry” just lessens its future impact, so don’t say sorry when you’re simply not.

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