Ayiah from little Casper bakes tells us about her latest cake project “celebrating Palestine”

Using cakes to talk about Palestine was just an idea and a concept ,that I had for my final year in uni as a graphic designer. We were required to come up with an idea for our final project and we were supposed to base everything design-wise around that concept idea and topic. So, with the help of my professors, we decided to make the topic around Palestine , because that’s where I am partly from. Also, because for the last 73 years it has been an ongoing issue,that has made a lot of Palestinians really angry.

I was starting up with little Casper then so I thought it might be a good idea! That was back in October 2020 ,so it’s been a couple of months since. It took a lot of research from our part ,but were able to finally make it happen. For the visuals, we interviewed some Palestinian ladies and we used that for the background ,as it felt like a better way to convey our message.

Cake one

Is a Coffee and dates cake which are the two things that are served in Palestinian gatherings

Cake two

olive oil cake because olive trees is the essence of Palestinian culture

cake three

fig and honey as figs are the oldest fruit trees known to Palestinian people and honey is another way that help Palestinians make ends meet

Cake four

red velvet which signifies blood that was lost in Palestine the design on the side is the pattern of the keffiyeh which is now used to symbolize the nationalism of Palestinian people

You can now check the Palestinian cake collection on @littlecasper.bakes and www.littlecasperbakes.com

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