How to protect yourself: Your guide to UV protection and hydration.

We might be lucky to live in those countries where sunshine is present all year round. Yes, this does give us the opportunity to swim in the summer and to warm in the winter, but that comes with an instruction manual. We usually tend to deny the fact that our bodies need some type of accommodation in order to endure the weather, especially when it comes to the sun.

Your favorite activities, or maybe your studies or job may oblige you to spend quite a time exposed to the sun. The dangers of long sun exposure are the following: sunburns, eye damages, unhealthy aging skin, and skin cancer.

What’s the easiest way to protect yourself from this hassle you may ask… Let me tell you a few.

First of all, wear sunscreen daily. Sunscreen is a must and does not only go under the category of girl’s skincare routine. It is essential for everyone. A common misconception is that it should only be applied in the summer, but fun fact the sun is still there in the winter it’s just the weather that is different. The level of SPF is what you should look out for when looking for a sunscreen: choose a minimum of SPF 30 to protect you on the long run and reapply it every 2 hours or after you swim or use a towel. It could be a cream, a spray, a stick, and should be applied on all areas that are exposed to the sun. They also come in different ingredients for every skin type and could also target specific issues such as acne.

Secondly, you know these caps, bucket hats and sunglasses were made foe more legitimate reasons before becoming a fashion accessory right. Yup, that’s exactly what they were meant for, protecting you from the sun. You have no excuse now, spice up your outfits.

Another aspect people tend to totally forget: hydration. Scientifically speaking, you should drink around 8 glasses of water daily and you may need more if you’re exercising or the weather is especially hot.

“Stay hydrated” is something we hear all the time. How do you do it tho? Remember that you don’t need a reason to drink; if you come across a water bottle, drink a bit of it and go on with your day. You could fill up a water tumbler and keep it on your desk or nightstand, and drink every time your eye falls on it. If you don’t like the taste of good-old fashioned water, try flavoring it with fresh juice or cut up fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can also have other drinks and fresh fruits and veggies.

Here are some dehydration symptoms to lookout for: fatigue, muscle cramps, dry mouth and skin, drowsiness.

Follow these tips, and 80 year-old-you will thank me. Your skin and organs will too. Just stop, drink, and apply. Simple, easy, efficient.

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