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What to Do If You Moved to a New School ?

Should You Take the Initiative?

It is only one month and we will be officially back to school! You already feel the positive vibes among students who are eager to meet their school friends again but for those who are moving to a new school, it might not be very encouraging. 

And of course, that is very expected when you go to a new school. You might think it will be difficult to fit in again,  and ,especially if you are an introvert,  you may choose the easy route to just stay in the shadows until some extrovert takes the initiative and decides to take you out of your comfort zone. Maybe a question will keep popping in your head , is it worth it to take the initiative to make new friends or should I just leave things to just go with the flow?

It Is Not as Bad as It Looks

As a matter of fact, this may be an important issue when it comes to your mental health and yes, situations like going to a new school can affect your mental behavior . For example, if you were an extrovert person in your old school , you may find yourself pulling off the introvert personality when going to a new school.

That is basically life on a smaller scale; you can’t really expect every change that is going to happen, and later in life when changes are bigger than just going to a new school like moving to a new job or even moving to a new country ,you will have no other choice except to know how deal with such changes.

So if you really want to deal with the change you should start thinking of the benefits of such a transformation in your life. If you didn’t have a good experience in your old school, then that will be a perfect opportunity to have a fresh start .Or if you think you will miss your old school friends and atmosphere, think of it as a preparation for what to expect later on in life as mentioned before. Dr Aaron Balick , a PHD and psychologist and the author of Keep Your Cool, thinks that one thing you can do in your new school is to join a science club or maybe join a sports or whatever extracurricular activity that will help you socialize and get used to the new atmosphere.

If you couldn’t even join a club , you will find other new students who will be going through your same experience. So, you won’t be alone after all. 

To sum it up, going to a new school is not as bad as it always looks, and if you think you won’t experience such a situation you are totally wrong! If you don’t have to go to a new school, you will find yourself probably forced to change your workplace in the future and in many professions that is the norm actually. Therefore, as Dr Aaron Balick says, “Instead of imagining what can go wrong, imagine what can go right!”

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