Here’s why you should get vaccinated

When it comes to finding COVID vaccines, not everybody’s heart pounds.

Yes, you’re being injected with a foreign substance -only god knows what it actually is- that should (apparently) fight the virus. Not very convincing is it?

Vaccines are not a new thing: vaccines contain weakened or inactive parts of a particular organism that triggers an immune response within the body, but there’s more.

We’ve all got all sorts of vaccines at birth and we’ve never questioned ourselves. But with the sanitary conditions nowadays, the side effects, the effectiveness rate, the rumors, the contradictory opinions, and all the different vaccines to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming. 

People commonly ask themselves these 5 questions before taking the vaccine: what if it comes with unknown risks, what if it turns out not to be effective, what if COVID is man-made and companies made vaccines to turn a profit, what if they plant microchips in our bodies and end up controlling us, what if I’m forced to get vaccinated, and so on and so forth.

Well let’s start by answering these few questions.

1) Tell me one thing you do that has no risks. I personally can’t think of one. Let’s take an example: drinking water. Well if you choke on water (happens all the time) you won’t be able to breathe, and if your brain goes for too long without oxygen, you could die. I know what you’re thinking, that is not likely to happen, and if it does, it’s extremely rare. Same for the vaccine my friend, you can get symptoms for a few days, but most probably you’ll just end up with a sore arm. Instead, ask yourself these questions: how likely are possible downsides? How severe are the potential consequences? Or even a question in the opposite direction, What are dangers of not taking the vaccine? Something we’re all sure of is that you’re decreasing your chance of getting the virus (maybe for the second time) if you get vaccinated. And let me tell you secondary symptoms or adverse reactions for a couple of hours is quite A LOT better than being sick and quarantined for 14 days straight.

2) Based on all the researches and evidence of countries and their pharmaceutical companies, the COVID vaccines are so far as effective as they need to be in order to reduce infections or reduce the severity of the impact if you do become infected. Plus, if you need to develop immunity, vaccines don’t have to be 100% effective, but for it to be effective, each one of us has to take their responsibility to be part of the COVID solution.

3) According to Arab News, 60% say that the coronavirus was man-made in a laboratory. If COVID was man-made, nations would certainly have some sort of a rewind button to get their economies back on track (since that’s what they really care for). Scientists have said that if the virus was made in a lab then its structure would reveal that it would have been created from viruses that are already known and that there would be signs of manipulation, which is not the case. Ok. Pharmaceutical companies will make money out of these vaccines, otherwise they wouldn’t be in business.

4) No. Vaccines are not a ploy by Bill Gates to implant microchips in everyone. He’s a very fortunate 65-year-old billionaire that really doesn’t need to do this. He’s happy with his Microsoft life and doesn’t plan on ruling the world sitting in his mansion.

5) This fifth point is a bit tricky. Technically, you get to choose if you want to get vaccinated or not (at least so far), but your rights end where mine begin. If you choose not to take the vaccine, you’re putting others at a risk of leading a healthy life, which is a teeny tiny bit selfish.

It is overwhelming I know. Zoom into the vaccines that your country offers you, whether it’s Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm, Johnson & Johnson’s,… and choose the one that you’re most comfortable with: the mRNA vaccine, the old-fashioned inactivated vaccine, the viral vector vaccine, whatever it is. No matter what, the benefits to all of us outweigh any risks. Let’s all take responsibility and put the health and wellbeing ahead of anything else, to save ourselves and loved ones, and to get to travel this summer 🙂

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