Gen to Gen- The newest Project by Young Productions

We’re glad to be announcing our Partnership with young production on their new series GEN to GEN. The concept behind it is trying to share knowledge from a generation to another. whether that’s gen z, gen alpha, millennial, or even boomers. The content for each episode is customized to the guest, from what they do to what they’re known off in order to show the audience how the guest thinks. Every episode is split into three sections. Part one is personal, the second is more work-related, and the third is a game. Accordingly, the points earned during the game will be given as donations to a charity from the guest’s choice.

Gen to Gen started as a non-profit, but work is being put in to make it profitable. They were first looking for a venue that would be suitable for them and them only. A few ideas were a house or a park but after good consideration, they decided to film it in InterContinental Semiramis Hotel which is a great achievement for such young students to get a hold on.
Next came looking for a host, their intentions were to look for a host that is well known and has good connections and they found no better than Nour Elzahed for this role.

Gen to Gen season one featuring Hazem Ehab

We as Uthhub are honored to partner with young productions and other potential sponsors -stay tuned ;)- in Gen to Gen starting season 2. The venue is still being discussed for the second season in order to get the best place possible and will be filmed in the upcoming summer of 2021 but until then y’all should be keeping an eye on @youngproductions on Instagram for the launch of season one

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