Here’s How Colleen Hoover Saved My Life

Colleen Hoover is an author; she writes novels that cover a lot of genres, while focusing mainly on the romantic side to them. Without talking much about who she is (because like any other author) we can say she just writes. And I am a fangirl; I can leave my schoolwork just to finish one of her books. I would search for her books everywhere. To simply put it in words, Colleen has that great power which most writers lack, it’s the power of giving life to words so that the reader finds exactly what they want. She makes the reader live through her words, the same exact words that she wrote enjoyably.

I have a lot of favorite books when it comes to Colleen, but I could safely choose Without Merit as my ultimate favorite. I remember going through hard times, I remember giving up on my character, the world felt so blurry and dull, I wanted to stop reading, writing, feeling, and waking up. I was so angry at the world for being so hard to figure out. I decided to go to the library, but can you blame me? It’s my comfort zone. I got in and I kept pondering between the books for some peace, until I found it: “Without Merit”.

I bought it, and started reading it. Every time I would finish a chapter I would tear up; Merit -the main character- made me feel less alone, more loved, and not so quiet. She was just as messed up as me, and I was proud of her character at the end, I was so proud of her -us, as in me included- for making it, and pulling through. That book has shaped me into someone familiar, someone woke and aware. That book never gets old, and I found myself going back to it several times.

I could list every single book she wrote as one of my favorites, but that list would be way too long. “November 9”, “It Ends with Us”, “Hopeless” and “Verity” -all books I have loved. However, there’s that one book that hits home: “Hopeless”, a very beautiful story, and a very relatable one. I remember crying for hours after the ending, I remember screaming to my mom about how good of a book it was. I remember ranting to every single person I knew about it, I was obsessed, but that’s Colleen. How can I not be in love and amazed?

Thanks to Colleen, I got over so many obstacles. I moved on with my life and was eventually proud of who I was. Thanks to Colleen, who accompanied me through this journey as my favorite writer and a soul-guider, for writing these books that shaped me into someone I now like, and for the first time ever I did.

Colleen Hoover is not just a writer or a trend, she’s a mother, a friend, and my role model. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be writing this piece right now, and I wouldn’t have been passionate about my interests. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be alive, I would just be living. And for those reasons, I choose Colleen Hoover and I’ll always choose Colleen.

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