5 Things you need to know before kick-starting your food blog!

Some people eat to live and some people live to eat. If you go about your life living to eat and exploring that glorious palate, then you’ve come to the right party. Do you love food, writing cheesy captions and taking photos of your order till your friends have smoke coming out of their ears? Then what are you still waiting for? Join the food blogging community today and fire up that Instagram account. But before you do that, keep those 5 things in mind, shall you?

I began my journey of food blogging 5 years ago with nothing particular on mind. I had no one to look up to or tell me what to do. I had to figure it out on my own. I learnt many things along this wandering of mine and I still am, but here is a guided map to some of your unanswered thoughts on how to create content and attract audience to your blog. 

#1 Passion

Do what you love and love what you do! You can’t find yourself progressing in something that you don’t care enough for. Passion is the key to success because believe me it doesn’t come overnight like a pimple on an important day. Be passionate about that photo and which angle you are going to take it from, be passionate about finding that perfect recipe to share it with everyone. Be passionate or it is just going to be a fame or no fame game. 

#2 Consistency 

Posting a post per week is not enough, but posting every day is also just burning content. Consistency of your content is a major contribution to your reach. Sit down with a paper and pen in hand and write down a plan for posting. 3-4 posts a week should be sufficient. You also have to diversify your content; posts, reels and stories. No matter what you decide; don’t pressure it. Try to have fun with it. Ask yourself; what content would you want to see right now? That answer is your path to follow. 

#3 Faith

Whatever you do, believing in yourself has to be your never ending super power. If you won’t have faith in you, no one can. Manifest all your wishes and believe that you’ll reach your goal. Faith is your strongest suit. 

#4 Quality not Quantity

Posting every day is a mistake most people do without knowing. People won’t follow you for your quantity or number of posts. They will follow you for the quality of your content. Just do what I do and think twice before hitting that button. 

#5 Honesty 

Be true to who you are. Don’t try to copycat someone’s posts or style. Inspiration and copycatting are two different things. Don’t change who you are for gaining more followers or riding that trend. Do what you are passionate about and people will be interested. 

Now go ahead, go find that style of yours and eat the restaurants away!

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