The Price Tag on Hadia Ghaleb’s Swimwear: Is It Really Too Much?

Hadia Ghaleb’s Start

In the 2023, fashion inclusivity is still very much light years away; especially when it comes to swimwear inclusivity. That’s why , in April of 2022, Hadia Ghaleb -the Dubai based influencer and entrepreneur- launched her very own brand, which celebrated modest swimwear. 

Official SS2022 Launch

The launch was one of the best launches in the region that year, for ,in spite of the high price point, not only did the designs of the pieces reflect a sense of unprecedented fun for modest-wearing women everywhere; one which they often lacked before Ghalib entered the market, but it also included a sense of community, with a truck circulating across Egypt’s north coast as a pop-up and the perfect social media hub. So one was left to wonder, what’s next for the brand? 

Ghaleb Season 2

For SS2023, the Ghalib enterprise seeked to please by expanding their products to accommodate to all women’s needs; sleeveless as well as sleeved pieces are included in this drop, with several accessories such as tote bags and the likes, a jacket for greater coverage,  but most importantly: a one-step, swim-friendly headcover pioneering the latest drop. 

From SS2022 Lookbook

Maintaining its initial livelihood and vibrance, the brand’s latest drop was shot in 2 diverse locations; in reflection of the diversity-acceptance the brand hopes to increase; Dubai & New York. With that geographical difference, the Ghaleb enterprise seeks to become a hub for women of various backgrounds; a ground for cultural, religious & ethnic acceptance. 

Now for the price point, is it really too much? Brands are always entitled to their own estimated profit from their pricing, which sometimes leads to extravagance when it comes to their price tags. Ghaleb’s business is one of these brands with price tags over 5k for the swimsuits. Many argue that this is unnecessarily expensive, and that however good the quality may be, nothing should be that costly. Even the social media influencers have spoken about this, some say that it is definitely worth the catch and others claim that the market features similar products without costing an arm and a leg. What do you think?

Save Your Fashion Dates!

With that, the latest drop will be modeled in the JW Marriott Mauritius by the region’s biggest names and an online showcasing will also take place, so mark your calendars; 10-4-2023!! 

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