3 Great Restaurants for Iftar Ma3 El Shella -With a View Too

Helping you find the restaurants you need to visit for iftar this year!

Finding the perfect spot for iftar is a task every time you decide to dine out; whether with friends, family or alone, you need to find one of those restaurants that provides you with a fine dining experience and a view that makes your day. For that, we have compiled a list for you with a range of different cuisines and sceneries.

The Smokery

With three different locations in Cairo and another two in Gouna, The Smokery offers a fine dining experience that always comes with a stunning view. Their menu features special dishes such as soy glazed chicken and miso prawn, and another section provides you with “Guilt Free” dishes such as tuna tataki and spicy Asian chicken salad. If you are a fan of classic dishes, you will find a mouthwatering section full of platters such as parmesan chicken. The Smokery is one of the restaurants that aims to appease every customer’s hunger -even the picky eaters like myself!

Villa Caracas

If you are craving an experience featuring Lebanese cuisine, this one is for you! Their menu includes all of your favourite Lebanese dishes. They are also one of the restaurants that provide a special menu for iftar including Ramadan drinks and a variety of dishes and appetizers. They are located in Maadi and their view consists mainly of greenery; since they are located in Courniche Al Maadi, you might as well take a walk by the Nile!

Family Park

To keep it real with you guys, Family Park does have some restaurants, but the best way to enjoy the place is by grouping your loved ones and going on a picnic… Hence, this is for the ones who crave a picnic full of homemade dishes, and away from the buzzing noise of chatter in restaurants! You can enjoy this outstanding view and watch the sunset while you indulge in a feast of your own making! Not a restaurant experience per se, but still worthwhile.

They are located in New Cairo, and provide different activities within their premises. This is also the perfect Ramadan to try this out since Ramadan falls within springtime this year; the grass will be green on all sides. If you want recommendations for recipes too, we have a whole list for you, and there is even another list for vegan options if you are Christian -happy holidays ;D

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