Going out with your girlfriends is fun but not having any ideas of where to go , can and will ruin your outings. Have a friend who is way into tarot? Get your act together and go to a psychic reading lol. If you want to have a successful GNO, you should probably follow the following tips 😉

  • Get ready together

I can’t stress enough how FUN this is. Turn on your favourite playlist to spark it up a lil bit, steal each other’s clothes/makeup. After all, what are friends for?

  • Stay till the end of the night

Don’t ditch your friends and leave early, agree that you’ll all stay, boys can wait.

  • Make sure the music isn’t overpowering

Wisely choose a place where you can hear yourselves so you can have a conversation and reflect on the past few weeks, we all want to speak about what’s bothering us, leave the blasting music for the car ride.

  • Split the tab, without fussing over who ordered what.

Just don’t be that person causing all the fuss over some money that your friend(s) will probably return at some point in your relationship, it’s that easy.

  • Turn your technology off. Stay off the phone and computer.

Tell your family to call you only if it’s a true emergency and to say good night. Otherwise, put away all electronic devices unless absolutely necessary and enjoy the moment.

  • Carpool.

Not only does it save on gas money, but adds an element of safety if you are out late (not too late—nothing good ever happens after midnight). Plus, sharing a car or cab gives you more time to visit with friends.

Remember, as cliché as this sounds but true friends are more than family, they’ll support you without judgement, they’ll help you through hard times and will add tons of fun to your life so, make sure you pick them wisely and tell them more often how much you love them and how much you appreciate their existence.

These were my tips for having the greatest GNO.

Stay safe, loves.

Written by: Maryam Ibrahim

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