1. Appreciate little things

Quarantine has made us realize the worth of so many little things that we never thought of. How going to school and meeting our friends could be taken from us. Everything around us is a gift that we should appreciate and be thankful for. 

2. Learn a new skill

Quarantine has given us a lot of free time which gave us the time to start learning new things like cooking, drawing, and dancing. For once, we finally used some of our free time to do something useful.

3. Hygiene 

We’ve learned the importance of taking care of ourselves and our health.I think after COVID-19 people will be consistent in washing their hands every now and then due to its importance and the effect of the pandemic we’ve lived in. 

4. Things could change

We all had plans not aware of what was waiting for us. Things could really change in a blink of an eye. We shouldn’t stress ourselves if our plans do not go the way we planned. There’s always a plan B.

5. Importance of family 

We were stuck at our homes with our family which has given us the time to know them better and create strong bonds with them. Many from our generation are very distant from their families even though they are the most important thing in life. We should spend time with them as much as we could before we realize it’s too late and regret all the nights we preferred going to a party with our friends instead of going to family gatherings. Well thanks to COVID-19 we all got to spend some quality time with our fam and get to know them a little.

  Well maybe COVID-19 wasn’t as bad as we thought. After all it has helped us know ourselves more. We got bored from sitting on our phones 24/7 which led to bringing old habits back. Little kids went outside to fly kites instead of playing on their Ipads. People walked in nature and took care of their physical and mental health. We sang in our balcony’s with our neighbours. Some painted and decorated their rooms. We played with our young siblings. Planted our gardens. Countries helped one another to fight this virus. Who thought all these thoughtful and simple things could come back again after the inventions we have like mobiles, laptops, and TVs. Everyone lived in his own world alone with his phone forgetting how it feels to live an actual happy life. COVID-19 got us closer. Sometimes things change to the better. Maybe COVID-19 changed the whole world to the better ? 

I think so.

Written by: Zeina Samaha

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