There isn’t a single soul that hasn’t faced hair struggles at some point during their life. Whether your hair is curly/wavy and you want it straight, or it’s straight and you want it curly, or you got a haircut but now you want it long, or even cut bangs and you regret it later on. You’re lying if you say you’ve never been in one of these situations before, but you have to learn to love your hair the way it is! Stop straightening your hair everyday just cause your friend has straight hair. Stop bleaching it because you have a blonde friend. Stop trying to make your hair fit in. Embrace your hair the way it is, because it’s beautiful just how it is. Yes, obviously change is nice, but you have to be doing it for yourself, and not with intentions of looking like someone else.

​Get inspiration for haircuts, or colors and do what will make you happy and confident in how it looks without damaging it. Your hair is a responsibility and you may not know it now, but there are thousands that dream of having your hair, so take good care of it! If you have curls or waves, learn how to define them, and let them be free. If you have straight hair, enjoy it and embrace it. If you don’t like how your hair looks, maybe look for a haircut that would suit your face more, try different hairstyles or maybe change it’s shade. In conclusion there are a ton of ways you can learn to love your hair without damaging it and it varies for everyone. Find out how you’ll love your hair and do it.

Written by: Malak El Dawy

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