Exposure doesn’t pay our bills

Being a creator is a self-investment journey. Every project represents years of hard work, physical and mental effort, and dedication Artists devote hours of their time and service in exchange for financial benefits or valuable advantages.

However, in recent years, many creators have been exploited and overworked for the sake of publicity and exposure, which usually entails delivering their services and experiences for free. Huge corporations that generate millions of dollars utilizing the time, ideas, and creativity of young creators without paying them in return.

Exposure doesn’t pay their rent, it doesn’t pay their transportation, insurance, time, or bills. It defines why many artists struggle financially. Exposure isn’t a way of payment. Companies shouldn’t ask for free work if they are capable of paying. If you pay your employees, you can pay artists who offer their skills and experience.
A few years ago, people around the world created a hashtag emphasizing the importance of paying the artists, different events were launched discussing this issue. 71% of artists who contribute their time and art in exhibitions and public places are not paid.

On a lot of occasions, they are asked for free work by people with stable incomes. Which is not only humiliating and disrespectful to creative workers but also reduces the presence of diverse art around us. If we stop paying our artists, the art will die.
Instead of supporting creators and artists who are fighting their way to build a stable career we are underestimating their talent and abusing their time and creativity. Don’t undervalue yourself.

Don’t undervalue your skill and talent. Respect artists, respect their creativity and passion. Creative work is WORK.

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