“El Sahel el Tayeb w el Sahel el Shreer”: Explained.

You’ve probably heard of “el sahel el tayeb w el sahel el shreer” discussion that’s been going on these days. But if you didn’t let me explain it to you basically, el sahel el tayeb is the eastern part of the North Coast, and el sahel el shreer is the western part.

El sahel el tayeb contains villages that are “old”: probably ones that our parents used to go to when they were our age. They might sound boring for our new generation because they don’t have as many interesting activities and places to visit as el sahel el shreer does, but if we get a closer look at these villages, we’ll see that they force you, in a good way, to spend quality time with your loved ones: something that our generation lacks these days. These villages have some sort of warmth and simplicity in them, but every generation has their “places”, and that’s where el sahel el shreer kicks in. 

El sahel el shreer is “agmad safareya” a person in our new generation would go to. It contains much more interesting activities and fancier places than el sahel el tayeb does. There are fancy restaurants, bars, house parties, concerts, and so many other places to go to there. El sahel el shreer is more preferable because it’s new and it matches our generation’s mindsets & expectations.

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