13 years old Alia tells us about her very own candle brand; gammbaz

Youth never fail to impress us and today’s feature is not any different! We talked to 13 years old Alia on starting her own bussiness and being a young entrepreneur.

Tell us more about yourself and your brand:

My name is Alia Osman I’m a 13 year old entrepreneur and I started my business mid January 2021. I wanted to do something during my free time and after some research I decided to make candles. After a month of doing well I wanted to something with a cause and looked into charities to donate to and finally landed on Ahl Masr Foundation. With Every candle sold I donate 10LE to this humane charity to support burn victims.

What does your brand name stand for?

The name “Gammbaz” is a shortened version of my nickname (that doesn’t really have anything to do with my name):)

What made you start gambaaz and why a candle brand to be exact?

I realised that whenever my family and I would travel abroad my mum would bring back a bunch of candles from a well known brands to put in our home because here in Egypt we have really basic scents (vanilla, lavender oud exc.) I decided I wanted to have something like that in Egypt so I shipped in scents from abroad (over 60). I then noticed most well known candle brands use a paraffin blend, which is terrible, it releases toxic fumes which are harmful to the lungs and isn’t eco friendly and isn’t cruelty free, but soy wax is! I now make 100% soy wax candles that are eco friendly and cruelty free and non toxic

What’s your favorite thing about being a young entrepreneur?

My favorite thing about being a young entrepreneur is meeting new people and learning so much at a young age!

How does it feel being a 13 year old in the candle industry and was it hard being taken seriously?

At first I didn’t reveal I was 13 because I thought people would think I was just a little kid. After a few months my parents were telling me that I should reveal it because people would be so impressed! I thought about it and ended up revealing my age, and they were right! Everyone was super impressed and supported me even more

What makes your brand different from other candle brands out there?

What makes my brand different is that I am a young entrepreneur who has a business with a cause. When you buy a candle from Gammbaz you are not only purchasing an awesome candle with a strong scent that is unique and relaxing but you are also donating to an awesome charity. Gammbaz used scents shipped in from the US and we are 100% green.

What goals would you like to achieve with gambaaz in the future?

I would love for Gammbaz to go “big” and for everyone to know the differences between soy wax and paraffin wax because it really does make a difference in the world we live in

Make sure you go pay alia’s bussiness a visit and support her because she deserves every bit of it!

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