Marriage violence and abuse should end now

Imagine getting married one day and end up by being killed !!

This is what most women in Egypt are exposed to. Marriage became a threat not a new chapter for a happier life, In fact, it became a sort of danger & fear.

That is what happened to the doctor who had been killed a few days ago by her husband in front of her three children as he stabbed her 11 times with a knife & many more stories we see during very short periods. 

The victim’s family has said that she was abused and assaulted by the killer & that she refused to get divorced in order to save her home and children.

We as women are calling for justice, it’s not just a murder crime. It’s a humiliation for a whole gender and it’s not getting any better.

How to save married women’s life ?

Criminalizing marriage abuse & violence is the only solution. It’s a MUST. This law will give back the right for every woman who felt insulted in whatever way & will force men to respect their wives. 

For example, whenever you get assaulted by your husband, you can call the police & receive back your respect. That’s it, only laws that magnify women’s role & existence in society.  

What do you need to do as a woman in such situations ?
  • speak up: you have all the right to say no & to leave, nothing can force you to live such miserable life.
  • Fight the whole society: all women are exposed to these kind of words that they should bear this situation for the sake of their homes & babies which is the main reason for their sufferings.
  • Believe in the power of social media: tell your story to the whole world even if you still can’t get out of this. But your voice will encourage many other women like you to scream & object.
  • Get a proof for what you’re living: You can record a conversation or a situation where you get abused & humiliated in order to prove to the world that you’re living this tough life really.
  • Raise your boys to be Real husbands & fathers not Killers: all what we experiencing today is because of these sick concepts inside the society & because of the discrimination between boys & girls all over the centuries.

It’s all about us. It’s all about our concepts & beliefs that gave all rights & freedoms for men. On the other side, treating women as slaves, blaming them all the time for their actions, clothes & maybe for breathing. All we need to say to society is that women are humans & all humans deserve respect.

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