If you’re still not sure which Eid movie to watch, we’ve got your back

As the Eid holidays coming to an end , we’ve heard a lot of discussion regarding which movies are worth watching. So we’ve made you a list based on fans reviews and critics about which movies are actually worth the hype

1. Wahd tany 

Coming at number one Ahmed helmy’s new movie. The movie talks about a social worker who gets invited to a friend’s party. With everyone talking and catching up he realizes how much of a failure he became. He overthinks his situation and how to find passion and fun again. Not only starring Ahmed Helmy as the lead actor but also our personal favorites Ruby, Ahmed Malek, Nesreen Amin and sayed Ragb. The movie discussed mental issues people face nowadays in a light comedy way that was not only funny but interesting to watch

2. Elankbot 

An action thriller featuring ahmed el sakka,Mona zaki,Dhafer L’abidine and mohamed mamdouh

It discuss the story of a drug dealer and the manufacturing of his new drugs.however He goes through intense issues with the police and the mafia organization because of his brother who is played by Dhafer L’abidine

3. Zombie 

Masrh Masr crew are back with a new movie.starring Ali rabea,Dina mohsen ,Hamdy el marghany ,and Hagar Ahmad .It revolves around a band who finds themselves in a haunted town full of zombies. As they look for ways of rescue, they stumble upon a house and hide in. While this is a temporary solution they search for ways how to defeat those zombies with help of the village citizens and leave.

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