Our favourite theme songs this ramadan

maktob 3alya

The colors are vibrant -much like the theme song of the series “El Wesseya”- with Akram Hosni being the songwriter, it was a lot like most of the things he presents. Akram Hosny usually adds in his works songs that express the situation, usually using his own words, and this is one of the things that distinguish him from other artists. Usually, these songs are very successful -featuring Hanady Mehanna, Ayten Amer, Hala Rushdy, the child Hana Zahran and Akram Hosny himself (voiced by singer: Imad Kamel). This was something that Akram Hosny mentioned before, where them singing together was wonderful.

Ahlam saeeda

The theme song of the series is unfamiliar, where it begins with a representative scene in a play for school students. This scene was filmed at the RCG and the students of this school -whether they are there now or have graduated- are all happy that their school appeared in the theme song. Most of the series’ scenes were filmed in Zamalek, and most of the actors’ names were written on the street signs, buildings, and others on the street. Finally, the style of music in the theme song takes the European musical style.

Meen 2al

Shaheen -aka. Shahyn- is the one who sings the theme song of the series. Shahyn is actually a rapper which is now considered the most popular genre of music that younger people listen to. The series itself -in most of its events- discusses the lives of younger generations -the youth. It is considered a good link between most of the events of the series and the theme song. In the theme song, there are very natural pictures taken by mobile phones, and if you check to the social media of the series’ actors, you will find that they have posted some of these pictures.

El Ekhteyar

The theme song this year is an instrumental, unlike the year before (the second season), but much like the first season. However, this year they did not include the names of the actors in the theme song, instead they added real life events captured as pictures.

Co-writer: Shapinam Abdelfattah

Editor: Tia komy

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