Could The Result Of The Egypt vs. Senegal Been Any Different Had Some Changes Been Made?

As happy as the Senegal must be, having been qualified for the Fifa World Cup, the question raises itself: could the result in the qualifying game have been very different had some changes been made?

First and foremost, let’s bring some facts to the light. If you have been following our stories, you would seen the highlighted fact that the Senegal’s national league could have included one Ferland Mendy. And after our loss to their team, one may wonder what other alternatives could have have lead to a different final outcome.

There is no denying that such alternative scenario could have resulted in a very different match altogether, but did you know our national team could have used one more player too?

Stephan Al Shaarawy, the infamous “Faroane” who plays for Italy’s national team, and who met our “Pharaoh” Mohamed Salah on Italy’s AS Roma.
Many think that the chemistry both Egyptian players showed on the Italian football fields could have benefited the Egyptian national team against the Senegals. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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