Bored at University? 4 Things to Do on Campus to Fill Up that Free Time

Whether you’ve got long gap hours, cancelled classes, or just want to find things to do at college, look no further – I’ve got you covered with ideas that’ll leave you busier than a working bee.

1. Join University Clubs & Organizations

Almost all universities have their own clubs and organizations, some centered around sports, arts, or specific majors like finance or dentistry. Some of the niche clubs we have at my school are the weightlifting club, the anime club, and the French club! There’s a high chance you’ll find something that speaks to you, and if not, there’s no harm in trying something new!

2. Look for University Events

Almost 9 times out of 10, there’s always some sort of event going on at my school. Whether it’s a guest speaker coming to give a talk, a club’s general body meeting, or a sort of workshop – there’s always something bound to be going on. (I usually hit the ones with free food, but that’s just me.) Check your campus calendar/social media to find out!

3. Explore Your Campus

Not big on becoming part of a club or maybe the events don’t seem that enjoyable? How about taking a solo trip around campus, you may discover a hidden gem you didn’t know about before. This year, I discovered the nursing building’s epic 3 story lounge and self-serve cafeteria, plus the law building’s skyway that you can sit by while watching people come and go.

University campus

4. Pick Up a Book at the Library

If you’re a bit of a bookworm, then there’s nothing better than going to the library and scouring the shelves for that perfect book. Maybe one of these 10 must read books for university students? Not only is this a great way to spend time on campus, but it’ll also save you money you’d spend on purchasing said books outside of the university.

University library

Now that you know what to do on campus, it’s important to make sure your outfits are in check. Read this article next to get some school fitspo.

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