26 Outfits Guaranteed to Make You the Best Dressed At Your University

From old money to grunge to basic fits – this masterlist is sure to put you at the top of the best dressed list within your school.

So, you’ve finally finished high school and threw out that awful uniform they had you wearing for years. It’s about time we’ve retired the khaki pants and the horrible quality polo shirt – now it’s time to be you. College is about finding yourself, building relationships, and figuring out what you want to do in life. Okay, maybe not that last one. It’s also the time you get to reinvent your entire personality – and where better to start than your wardrobe?

Old Money Outfits

If you like this style, you’ve probably seen old Ralph Lauren Runway Shows and instantly fell in love (didn’t we all?). However, you don’t have to have a Ralph Lauren budget to rock the old money aesthetic.


Outfit 1: Button Up & Wide Leg Trousers

The key to pulling old money outfits off is color coordination. You want to keep it simple with only a couple colors, and have them compliment each other in one way or another. Whether a matching belt and bag, belt and shoes, or keeping it plain with some eccentric jewelry, this outfit will never go wrong.

You can find trousers like these at H&M and a button-up like this at Zara.

Outfit 2: Button Up, Knit Sweater, and Casual Pants

Not a fan of the trousers? That’s okay – you can still rock casual pants or even sweatpants with this cable knit sweater and still look “old money”. Remember, “less is more”, at least in color scheme. Find a couple shades of blue that go well together, some grey or beige hues, or keep it simple with black and white. You can find a very similar sweater and pants to the one in the photo at Mobaco Cottons, for a fraction of the Polo Ralph Lauren price.

Outfit 3: Turtleneck & Slacks

I’m all for low-effort outfits, and this one definitely makes the list. It looks so good, and is so easy to throw on. There’s so many color combinations you could do with this, white on top and black bottoms, blue & cream, green and brown, red and tan – it’s going to look good no matter what. Stock up on turtlenecks at H&M, or wherever you like buying turtlenecks.

Outfit 4: Polo Shirt & Linen Pants

A new trendy outfit keeping influencers in a chokehold, this top and bottom combination is probably one of the best out there. Linen pants are super comfortable and breathable, and paired with a polo shirt makes it all the better. These pants are pretty similar to the ones in the photo, and this polo shirt is a good match too.

Streetwear ‘Fits

So you like the Ed Hardy-low rise jean-Jordan 1-Big Poppa vibe, huh? Well, these outfits are for you if you want to look like Tupac, Will Smith, and Aaliyah in the 90s.

Outfit 5: Oversized Tee & Cargos

Another throw it together fit, this one’s been super popular lately and easy to put together, considering the amount of brands that have been coming out with their own oversized tees and cargos. A few ones off the top of my head would be Asili, Twenty Seven, Wahm, and CTRL.

Outfit 6: Hoodie & Wide Leg Distressed Jeans

For the girlies: Take this outfit to the next level by adding some big hoop earrings and a purse. For the guys: Add your favorite bracelets/rings to give some dimension to this fit. Find hoodies like this at Calling All Angels, and distressed jeans at no other than Bershka.

Preppy Outfits

Sort of like Old Money, but a bit more laid back – this aesthetic is for the student who wants to look like they’re attending a British boarding school (in a good way).

Outfit 7: Solid Tee & Straight Leg Pants

This outfit is pretty basic, but can be elevated with the right accessories. Pick complimentary shoes and jewelry that’s not so bold, but acts as a nice touch to your outfit. Zara has some pretty similar pants.

Outfit 8: Sweater Vest & Skirt

Ah yes, the sweater vest that had us all in a chokehold during Covid. What a time. If you’ve outgrew that phase, maybe this’ll change your mind. You can still style it to look cute! Find similar skirts at Tally Weijl and the vest at H&M.

Modesty Tip: Wear some opaque leggings under the skirt to get more coverage, or substitute for skinny jeans instead.

Grunge Outfits

The Grunge aesthetic is one of my favorites, not just for outfits, but for makeup and personality wise too. This one’s for all the Paramore and Cigarettes After Sex kids out there.

Outfit 9: Plaid Flannel & Baggy Jeans

The plaid flannel is a wardrobe staple if you’re going for a Grunge look. Wear it on top of a hoodie, a crop top, an oversized tee – but never wear it closed (that’s a grunge no-no). This outfit is fairly simple, featuring baggy jeans you can find at Stradivarius and a flannel that H&M carries.

Outfit 10: All Black Everything & Lace Up Combat Boots

Nothing screams grunge like wearing black skinny jeans and combat boots. No matter how overworn this look is, we have to admit it still looks good. (Catch me with space buns tomorrow). Bershka has a similar denim jacket, and you can find the Combat Boots at Fourteen.

Vintage Fits

Feel like rocking some groovy prints or saving money with some secondhand pieces? Find outfits like these at Yawza or In Your Shoe. Or, you can thrift at places like The Space in Maadi, Cairo or one of our favorite Instagram thrift shops like Thriftdrobe or Thrift in Chic.

Outfit 11: Printed Vintage Button Up and Mom Jeans

Outfit 12: Striped Shirt & Wide Leg Chinos

Dark Academia

This one is probably my favorite aesthetic on here. Dark academia has a special place in my heart. It’s just got that magical, mysterious vibe that speaks to my aura. Trench coats, sweaters, bold but refined belts, it’s a love language. Zara has trench coats and work pants like these during the winter and H&M has some lovely sweaters.

Outfit 13: Cropped Cardigan & Plaid Pants

A cute outfit that’s not the usual go-to, the cropped cardigan is such a cute addition to this outfit. Bonus points if you add a leather-cover book.

Outfit 14: Turtleneck & Trench Coat

A classic dark academia staple, this outfit is one I dream of wearing every winter. Trust me, you can’t go wrong.

Light Academia

Dark academia’s cousin, light academia is basically the same aesthetic but with different color palettes. Both are focused on “smart” clothing and sleek silhouettes, but light academia focuses more on brighter neutrals.

Outfit 15: Cardigan & Trousers

You can see how this outfit is similar to the one above, but gives off a whole different vibe.

Outfit 16: Button Up Polo Shirt & Blazer

Again, can’t go wrong here.

Matching Sets

Want to look put together but with minimal effort? Join the club! And with all the matching sets out there, your dream can become reality. Say goodbye to the hours standing in front of your closet not knowing what to wear, and the days regretting your appearance wishing you wore something different.

Now, before you buy a matching set, you have to know what kind of matching set you want.

Maison TajKaftan & Pants Set

Outfit 17: I am in love with this Sulley Set by Maison Taj. The colors are *perfect* and the details are too. The belt, the cuffed sleeves and pants, it just looks so good!

Shop Mii – Vest/Blazer & Trousers Sets

“Fabulously Formal” is what they call this collection, and I couldn’t have said it better myself! Cropped vests, wide leg trousers, endless colors to pick, this is definitely a staple in your work-chic wardrobe.

Outfit 18: Zip Up Vest & Reverse Waist Trousers

This set puts a twist on the regular vest and pants outfit, and we love the creativity that’s going on here. Wear it, if you dare.

Outfit 19: Beige & White Striped Set

Not a fan of the vest? No problem! That’s the beauty of Shop Mii – they’ve got something for everyone.

Outfit 20: Pinstripe Vest & Pants Set

My personal favorite, I think this set is so cute. It’s formal, it’s adorable, what’s not to love?

Boheme – Your Bohemian Dream

Boheme is your destination for flowly, comfortable sets that you’d picture Amina Khalil wearing on a movie set in Gouna. Or at least, that’s what I think of. Their clothes look super comfy and are definitely different than what’s out in stores!

Outfit 21: Seashell Set

This set is so cute! I mean, it’s got seashells on it, what more do you want? The flowy linen pants are guaranteed comfort and you know you’re going to look good in this.

Outfit 22: Pleated Set

I’ve been seeing similar sets pop up in my Instagram feed lately and even in stores. The pleated set is getting more popular by day and for good reason. I love things that stand out and this is no exception. Boheme has a range of colors, but I think the teal is my favorite so far.

For the Guys & Girls

Don’t worry guys – we haven’t forgotten you. That’s why I’m throwing in these lovely outfits your way.

Outfit 23: Jasper’s Dreamy Ribbed Set

A new brand just launching, we saw this outfit and instantly fell in love. The color, the embroidery, the slogan. It all comes together to make the perfect unisex set.

Outfit 24: Yawza’s Lounge Set

Stay comfy in Yawza’s basic oversized tee + shorts combo, an outfit that can never do harm. They look so cozy, I may have to buy one.

Outfit 25: Kajy’s Sweat Sets

I’ve loved this page ever since they dropped their first winter collection. Their designs are so unique and you can tell how much effort they put into them.

Outfit 26: Wahm’s Black Kaizen Set

Featuring a super cool logo on the pant leg and a bordered graphic on the back, this set is also an unconventional take on a basic outfit. I love how they’ve elevated the simple polo and wide leg pant combo.

Follow this guide, and I’ll guarantee you get compliments on your outfits. Style is a personal thing and only you can define your own style, but it’s nice to have suggestions every once in a while. Now that you’ve upgraded that wardrobe, let’s talk about jewelry brands you need to hear about

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