A DAY IN A LIFE OF: an art director

Honestly, I don’t know how to explain it to you but my day is not a copy-paste routine. It depends on the day but since we are getting into the winter season I am getting ideas and brainstorming. this usually takes more than one day to plan out the outlook and colors essentials. These couple of days I go out to search for the perfect soothing and soft material for winter yet I am looking for colors that are not out there in the market and so I dye my own colors so they stand out differently. I catch up with the Sebaceous and if the colors are okay I start working on the printable design then we go into the manufacturing process. I am partly doing the work of production and the team is working with me to make sure everything is on the right track. Moreover, after finishing the product, checking the colors are all set and the material is comfortable enough I start searching for the photographers I don’t do the photoshoot with the same photographer each time. I do it with different ones to match up with the art direction I have in mind.

Then I see the models that would suit up the collection either bags or clothes and start working on the mood board, however, for the qaaf outlet I see the designs and rash that can represent qaaf overall aim. I look to sense the material myself to make sure everything is working the way I want exactly. Also, I always care about the imagery since it speaks for the brand. For instance, I pick up models that would represent the items so they fit the Audience and they can imagine themselves wearing the item before purchasing. Of course, I catch up with the designers and social media team as we work on the branding in a unique and trendy way. we then import that color into the qaaf outlet and make sure it is representing us. One of the hardest days is the progress of bringing the item into life as I always make sure to sense and get the colors and material by myself and not just export items already in the market.

featuring: Sara Dimitry

interviewed by: Maya Darwish

Written: Fairouz Elbarakawy

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