Scrolling through Instagram- the happy way!

Let’s save the introduction where I tell you about the comparison trap you fall into when scrolling through social media, and the FOMO- syndrome (Fear Of Missing Out) that makes you open social media on a daily basis.

We all know we’re constantly comparing our lives to other’s to see where the bars of a “good” life are set.

But the one major thing we don’t take into consideration is that the good real life and the good virtual life are polar opposites.

What matters most in the good real world are the people you surround yourself with and not the material possessions around you in the virtual world.

What matters most in the good real world is you loving yourself and not numbers loving you as in the virtual world.

What matters most in the good real world is your inner success- happiness, balance, wellbeing and conviction- rather than the dollar bill success of the virtual world.

By the way, a perfect life is a balanced life. Someone who is doing exciting trendy stuff 24/7 tires out. They have to experience some downtime and reflection to appreciate and live these moments. Because the whole idea of excitement, newness and sensations is the fact that they are a change, different and not ordinary. And that’s what you see on Instagram: the not ordinary. The filtered, edited and anxiously posted to attract people.

And that’s okay, it’s all money making either way. But just please know better. Your satisfaction with your life will never be complete if you compare. You will feel satisfaction and fulfillment only when you focus on yourself. On your own life and success story. When you focus on your family, on your friends; on your studies and hobbies. There’s so much you can do, so much you can take control of, improve, reach and be grateful for.

Just spend little time in the virtual world, more in the real world, and the most in your own world.

PLUS: Here are 3 tips for happier scrolling through social media:

1. Spend less time on there.

2. Filter your feed.

3. Connect with the creators on a deeper level.

Written by: Joude Elsayed-Ali

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