A DAY IN A LIFE OF: a business woman

So, I wake up, get dressed, go to the office, have breakfast, then I check my calendar to see what’s up for the day and my tasks and stuff. Then I do a bunch of calls, reply to emails. After that I have a morning meeting with my team, where we get everything on track, we check the statuses of all the accounts we’re handling, and we do a brainstorming session. I then start working on my clients, proposals, and pictures, or whatever I have planned for the day. I either then go out for meetings, have conference calls, or have clients coming in for meetings. I also allocate an hour in my day for personal media outreach for people who send me emails, want to interview me, or uni’s, grad projects, IB projects, and stuff.

I try to work till 5 and not past that, then I leave work, and have dinner, as I probably don’t usually eat during the day, since its always so busy, there are always people coming in and out of the office, like suppliers showing us materials for kits that we’re producing, or new products that are coming in for us to review before we launch!

Like there’s always so much going on that I forget to eat. So, I have dinner, I hang out with my fiancé and friends, I then go home and chill with my family, I write my personal to-do list, like errands I have to run, things I want to buy, think about YouTube content, and things I want to do online on my own platforms, not on dash management. Sometime during my day, I go visit Coco, my dog, because he doesn’t live with me in the same house, so I go visit him and play with him for a while.

Before I sleep I do a bunch of research for an hour or two, just researching the industries that we work in, whether that’s the beauty, fashion, the trends and designs, influencer activation, digital communication, and all that good stuff. Then I fall asleep reading those articles and that’s pretty much it!

Interviewed /written by: Maya Darwish & Malak El Dawy

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