7 Mobile Applications For A Better Everyday Life!

Who said your mobile phone is just for chatting and scrolling?

In point of fact, there is so much we can do using these little devices rather than unproductively holding them for hours and hours.

So here is a list of 7 mobile applications we chose for you, that can genuinely make your everyday life much better.


Let’s admit that our everyday life is really stressful and consuming, and here comes the importance of mindfulness and meditation.

Headspace is your ultimate guide for this, it will help manage your stress and
anxiety, calm your thoughts, improve your mind-body health, grant you a deeper sleep, and help you relax in general through guided sessions.

Be My Eyes

For me, this app is a representation for the real power of technology, because
what’s more precious than helping a person in need with literally no effort
exerted at all?

“Be My Eyes” helps blind and low-vision people connect with sighted ones through a live video call, in order to help them get simple tasks done.

All you need to do is to just sign up freely and wait for a call to pick, which is the simplest way to make someone’s day better.


We all witnessed Clubhouse’s trend and how viral it went, meanwhile, discord was providing the same feature, as it gives you the chance to join rooms of people discussing various topics through live audio/video conversations with an extra privilege of being Android friendly.


Have you ever heard a song while walking down the street, shopping, watching a movie or an ad and felt curious to find out its name? I bet you did!

Trying to google the lyrics isn’t always accurate, also, it takes much time and effort, so it’s not a practical method…then what is?

Shazam helps you identify whatever song playing around you, and also identify the artist in few seconds with just one single click!


Needless to say, all gatherings require group games, but when you get used to all games that do exist, boredom starts to strike.

What your gathering needs is a fun, creative and an exciting game, what it needs is simply: “Psych”.

Psych is a guessing game created by “Ellen DeGeneres”, containing numerous categories of unique group games we’re sure you’ve never played before.


Are you a bookworm with no time to read? Akhdar’s got you!

This app turns long books into short written summaries and also audio clips that don’t exceed 10 minutes, it helps you access the main ideas of hundreds of books in whatever genres you like.


As a person who appreciates the value of photos, I consider Remini as one of the best photo editing apps ever.

It’s not only that it enhances photos’ quality, it literally brings life back to old photos, and it works just like magic, you’ll be impressed with the results!

Generally speaking, don’t let social media waste all your time, just one visit to your App Store/ Play Store, you’ll discover a treasure of mobile applications that will take your mobile experience to a whole new level!

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