Our favorite and least favorite Ramadan ads for this year

Haven’t we all been waiting for this year’s Ramadan ads. And now that it’s here I can tell a lot of us are disappointed. Though I must admit there were some good ones, the majority were unnecessarily long and irritating

1.) Vodafone
We were all thrilled and surprised by the iconic return of Sherihan. With almost 20 years away and with her first appearance on the screens, she got everyone on social media talking within few minutes after it got aired. The ad sums up sherihan story in 4 minutes starting from her appearance in “Alf Leila w Leila” to her struggle with illness. Though the ad was empowering, the music and the Choreography were perfectly done it was utterly long for an ad


2.) Union air
And like most people out there, union air was my favorite ad, from the actors’ choice to the music and the filming. 6 Actors and actresses participated in the ad Ahmed Dash, Malak Koura, Amina Khalil, Asser Yassin, Esaad Younes, and Mostafa Fahmy in celebration of the company’s 25th year.

3.) Etisalat Egypt
To be honest, I expected way more from Etisalat this year, the ad was boring the music wasn’t catchy at all and the actors’ choice wasn’t good either. Yasmine Sabry appearance wasn’t necessary at all and the whole ad was beyond annoying.

4.) Telecom Egypt, We
As much as I love Samir Ghanem and Amy Samir Ghanem, I had no idea what was going on till the ad was over. A lot of people including me expected more Ramdan vibes with more music and joyfulness but it was dull and the I felt like the idea was repetitive


5.) Fresh
Who expected 2 of the most loved and talented actresses in Egypt to star in one commercial? The whole ad was mind-blowing, the colors, the music, and the outfits were delightful and Ideal. It was short and exciting and in my opinion one of the best ads

6.) Banque Misr
Though The song is encouraging and it carries an empowering message, choosing el essaily for the 4th year in a row was bothering, and for many people, it was expected they didn’t even bother to listen to the song.

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