Why you should boycott ramez once and for all

I’ve always despised ramez but today’s episode was the last straw 🙂 if you haven’t watched it let me explain it to you shortly He basically had wizzo as the guest today and the amount of body shaming disguised as “jokes” was absolutely disgusting !! It was like that’s the whole point of him having her on his show.

Not to mention yesterday’s episode? Where he was sexualizing Lordiana and harassing her with the paintball gun. In the middle of a movement, he still chooses to Harass and assault her.

And to those who go like “it’s just a show” this “show” plays every day for 30 days right after the prayer so the amount of people who have him playing in the background is insane. Kids look up to him and what he does People think what he’s doing is “normal” and “comedy” don’t believe me? Just search up his name on Twitter and scroll through the number of people praising him and telling him how wonderful today’s episode is/was.

Proof kids look up to him

It blows my mind how he still has a platform, streams his show annually during the holy month, and profit off peoples traumas and bullying and thus why w have to boycott him and not the “I hate ramez and what he does but I still watch the episodes” kind of boycott
I’m talking about showing how upset we are with what he’s doing and being vocal about it, it’s time we put an end to this.

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