Your Essential Christmas Season Watchlist

With the winter break and season’s greetings in full swing, here’s your essential Christmas viewing for 2023.

1. Klaus (2019)


This animated feature follows a postman sent to the arctic and how he befriends a toymaker that we might associate with Santa Claus. The animated hand-drawn adventure serves as an origin story and has a ‘late-blooming’ Christmas theme according to the Guardian. Rating: PG

2. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

This film tells the story of three people living on the streets of Tokyo, with unique reasons as to why they ended up there. While searching for Christmas presents in the trash, they come across an abandoned baby and become determined to find the baby’s parents. With heavy themes of family, the film provides a unique perspective with its imperfect protagonists. Rating: PG-13

3. New Year Blues (2021)

This Korean rom com is sure to get you ‘in the feels’. With four couples leading the story, you get different perspectives into love as you see their challenges and how they overcome them. With themes of moving on or looking into the future, this film is a charming way to welcome the new year. Rating: 13+

4. Prancer (1989)

An older entry on this list, its charming scenes and a heartfelt performance from a young Rebecca Harrell are sure to enthrall you. This story follows a young girl trying to help an injured reindeer who she believes is a part of Santa’s antlered entourage. You also get to explore the girl’s relationship with her father, played by Sam Elliot. Rating: G

5. A Boy Called Christmas (2021)

This film follows a young boy’s whimsical journey to find Elfhelm, a fabled village. Falling into the fantasy genre and featuring the beloved Maggie Smith, this movie’s charming young protagonist and rodent sidekick are sure to get you into the Christmas spirit! Rating: PG

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