Youm 13: Ahmed Dawood’s Blockbuster Breaks Records, Surpassing 122

Ahmed Dawood is killing it at the Egyptian box office with his film Youm 13! It’s been at the top for three weeks straight, raking in over EGP 25 million. That’s even more than his previous hit, 122, which made EGP 24.8 million.

And guess what? Ahmed Dawood is jetting off to KSA and Dubai soon for the premiere of Youm 13 in Gulf theaters on May 25th. Talk about globetrotting!

Youm 13 and 122 are not your average movies. Youm 13 is the first 3D film in the Arab world, while 122 is the first 4D Egyptian flick. Ahmed Dawood knows how to bring something fresh and daring to the big screen.

In Youm 13, Ahmed Dawood plays Ezzeldine, who comes back from abroad to sell his family’s mansion. But guess what? He uncovers some unexpected secrets along the way. Talk about a twist!

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