World Lipstick Day : Our 2 New Favorite Lipsticks for this Summer  

A bold lipstick is an essential part of any night out.

A lipstick holds a special place in a woman’s heart, becoming her loyalist best friend and ultimate tool for self-expression over the years. It has played a significant role in history, empowering women boldly and defying societal norms. From ancient civilizations to modern times, this versatile cosmetic has been a symbol of rebellion.

Choosing the perfect one is an art in itself, one must choose carefully, from picking the right shade to choosing the perfect formula. We have compiled a collection of our favorite summer lipstick shades for you to make sure you are rocking your summer looks. 

Asteri has recently launched their latest product, the Legacy Lipstick, featuring a variety of shades ranging from vibrant reds to purple hues and multi-tonal nudes. This new moisturizing lipstick is the perfect choice for a night out, as it is both smooth and nourishing, while also offering an intense color payoff.Their emerald green bullet is also refillable so you can never run out of style.

When Carolina Herrera is mentioned, we immediately think of their mind blowing fragrance Good Girl. So there’s no doubt when their new lipstick line was announced everyone was going insane 

The Good Girl Maxi Glaze offers a wide range of different 11 shades and provides long-lasting full coverage. Its rich formula not only hydrates and feels light on the lips, but also enhances shine by up to 160% and moisturizes by 20% after using it consistently for a month.


Lipstick is the ideal finishing touch for a makeup look.So always choose one that is healthy for your lips, especially for long evenings, and that is the right colour for you. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

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