women in Iran and across the world are fighting for their freedom

Throughout the past week, women all over the world have been grieving the death of Mahsa Amini. A death that resulted in a revolutionary movement in Iran. This got me thinking about all the injustice women have been facing in the world with their right to exist and choose. In 1983, Iran’s government made the hijab mandatory for all women regardless of their beliefs. At the same time somewhere else in the world women were being denied their right to wear one including in France which has denied wearing headscarves in state schools since 2004 and in India which has been witnessing protests over the same matter. Those 2 major events are essential and important fights for women today that the media needs to cover and actions should be made.


On March 8, 1979, women marched through the streets of Tehran, Iran against the new laws that were denying women of most of their rights, and as any misogynistic decision is taken, governments and politicians use religion as their defining object, the reason behind their essential takes on laws and a cover of their racism and sexism and it has been this way for various countries and systems over the past decades
Last night Iran’s government has denied access to social media, trying to stop the prevail of their oppression to the world. Making us the voices of Iranian women. It’s not a war of religion as many assume. Every divine religion has bought nothing to the world but instructions of peace and love. Instead of fighting against the oppression, those women are facing, claiming to be activists, and feminists are blaming and fighting for the wrong cause. The issue we are facing today is misogynists who are trying to tolerate women’s bodies.


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The Iranian president has threatened to take action against protesters, alleging that Mahsa Amini’s death was caused by health complications rather than by the government. “Reports from oversight bodies were received, witnesses were interviewed, videos were reviewed, forensic opinions were obtained and it was found that there had been no beating,” the interior minister said. Not paying any attention to the murderers and rape cases happening all over the country. Every day since the protests began, more than 50 civilians have been murdered in the streets. A few cities are now completely under the power of their residents.
The only way to aid Iranian women and women throughout the world. We ought to Use social media to raise their voices as it becomes increasingly difficult to know what is genuinely going on in Iran and more difficult to leave the country’s borders

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