Shopping locally- our trip to le reve bazar

Local brands have been popping up left and right, from accessories to home decor, you’ll most likely find everything in between.

So.. why should we drop the name brands we know and trust, for these unknown businesses?

For starters, small businesses may provide products that are brand new and creative, not just a copy-paste of the latest trends. They’ll always put their own twist on things!

Secondly, customer service is way better than that of big companies. They’ll probably get back to you faster than that one brand that puts you on hold for an hour.

And last but not least, when you shop from small businesses you’re making the person’s dreams come true. They’ve spent so much time and effort creating their business and products, so it’s great to see people actually buying and enjoying what they’ve created.

Being at Le Reve Bazaar, we got to see all the owners of so many small businesses. They’re people just like you and I, people with passion and excitement. They love what they’re doing. 

Despite the tension in the air, everybody was super nice. The location was great, the entertainment and dancers were amazing, we genuinely had a good time.

With over 60+ bazaars, we can confidently say we wanted to go home with everything. Accessories, bags, real estate, skincare, paintings, copper tableware, natural foods and sweets, you name it – it was there!

It was amazing to see all these small brands showing up. We know of small businesses in Egypt, but it was a surprise to see so many! A big thanks to the founders of Le Reve, who believe in small businesses and their greatness, and for the amazing event of course!

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