Signs its time to quit your job

Getting paid, getting used to the place, mastering what you do or even having a position… you might think these are enough reasons to stick to your job, but in fact, that’s not how it works.
In this article, we got you some signs that say it’s time to quit your job, so keep on reading and get ready to get out of your comfort zone.

 No Opportunity for Growth
“Where do you see yourself in a year?” If you have no answer to this question, it’s a clear sign you’re not in the right place. Not being able to picture yourself at your job in the future means you’re not taking any steps towards your goal, think long-run and pick a job that’ll take you somewhere.

 Toxic Environment
Your work environment is what surrounds you while performing your job, including your manager and your teammates. If you don’t feel yourself at work, you don’t trust people out there
and you get no support then why are you still there? A positive environment is what keeps us going!

 You’re Bored

You might think having ALOTTT of free time at work is a nice thing, or you might think it means you’re just smart and fast to finish your tasks in no time. Honestly, no matter how smart and fast you are, if it’s the right place, you’ll feel busy and challenged most of the time, that’s how you learn!

 No “Me Time”
By the previous sign, we didn’t mean you should feel challenged and busy 24/7, if this happens at your current job, it means you’re stressed.
Challenge is fine at your workplace, not outside of it! You should find time to hang out with your friends, have some quality time with your family, practice your hobbies, improve your skills or simply do nothing.

You’re not Appreciated
Appreciation comes in many forms, it can be in terms of credits, encouragement, money, or even saying thank you!
If you do good work and it doesn’t get attributed to you, if nobody pushes you forward, if you don’t think your salary matches your efforts, and if you barely hear a sweet word, you’re unfortunately not appreciated where you are, it’s a win-win situation, don’t forget that!

Conclusively, no place is forever, and jobs are more than just making a living, so if these signs do exist at your job, don’t hesitate to quit it.

written by: Fayrouz ahmed

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