Why We Won’t Be Watching Wonka in 2024

A boycott has been called upon Timothee Chalamet’s recent film ‘Wonka’, where he plays the principal role of Willy Wonka himself, over a controversial SNL skit.


The skit features Chalamet playing an aspiring musician alongside three members of the comedy group Please Don’t Destroy where they convince him not to end his life by jumping. After they promise to support him on social media, they find out his band is called Hamas, pronounced “Hay-mus”.

“H-A-M-A-S” says Chalamet’s character.

Social media users were quick to point out that this was openly mocking the Gaza conflict and was “very distasteful” amidst the ongoing tragedy.

There have also been discussions of extending the ‘Wonka’ boycott to Dune 2 releasing in 2024. The Dune series, which derives inspiration from Arab culture, brings up the hypocrisy of Chalamet being unable to respect Palestinians while partaking in middle eastern inspired media.

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